EULA Gallery

EULAs, also known as End User License Agreements, Terms of Use, and so on, are absolutely everywhere.  They’re the contracts that everybody ignores, but that govern everbody’s relationships with, well, practically everything.

For some reason, I like to read EULAs.  And comment on them.

Really.  I like it.  I don’t know why.

One thing about EULAs is that they change all the time, and usually without notice.  This page will help support discussion of these EULAs by organizing them and archiving their text.

If I find a EULA that is interesting because of its scope, its significance, or its reach, I’ll place it in this gallery.  Our blog will, from time to time, comment on a particularly amusing, onerous, or creative EULA.  I’ll archive those here, as well.

(Last update: February 18, 2009)

Web Site EULAs

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