Wil Wheaton is man enough to take on a disembodied electronic voice

First of all, Wil Wheaton is awesome.  I think I was one of the few people who didn’t greatly detest Wesley Crusher, so I had no great bias against him.  However, he won my heart as the Best Geek Ever in his Slashdot interview, when he related this tale:

Once, I was working on a movie in Kansas. We were driving from the set to the house where we were all staying, and it was close to a 40 minute drive. Now, 40 minutes in a city is nothing. But 40 minutes along a rural highway seems like an eternity. So we’re driving along, and I ask my friend if we’re there yet, and he says no, and I say, “Jesus. By the time we get there, the kid won’t even be dead anymore.” There is this pause in the car, and one of the other actors says, “Dude. Did you just quote your own movie?” I answered in the affirmative, and he says, “That was very cool.”

Anyway, Wil responded to Cory Doctorow’s comments about the Kindle:

But what if we’re all wrong? As an author, performer, and consumer of audiobooks, what does this mean for me?

To find out, I picked a short passage from Sunken Treasure and read it. Then, I took the identical passage, and let my computer read it. I recorded the whole thing and put together something I call “Wil Wheaton versus Text 2 Speech” so you can hear for yourself.

I haven’t downloaded the MP3, but from the comment thread, it sounds like people don’t exactly believe that the Authors Guild has much to worry about.